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16th Asian Games Men's Volleyball Tournament
2010-11-14 12:36:00 From:AVC


Final standings

Teams ranking by skills

Players ranking by skills

Results table of final round 

Nov.26 Match 68 JPN-IRI

Nov.26 Match 67 KOR-THA

Nov.26 Match 66 IND-CHN

Nov.26 Match 65 QAT-KSA

Results report as of Nov.24

Nov.24 Match 64 IRI-THA

Nov.24 Match 63 KOR-JPN

Nov.24 Match 62 KSA-CHN

Nov.24 Match 61 QAT-IND

Nov.23 Match 60 PAK-KAZ

Nov.23 Match 59 KUW-TPE

Nov.23 Match 58 INA-MYA

Nov.23 Match 57 VIE-TKM

Nov.22 Rest Day

Results Reports as Nov.21

Nov.21 Match 56 IRI-QAT

Nov.21 Match 55 KOR-KSA

Nov.21 Match 54 IND-THA

Nov.21 Match 53 CHN-JPN

Nov.21 Match 52 KAZ-TPE

Nov.21 Match 51 PAK-IOC

Nov.21 Match 50 MYA-TKM

Nov.21 Match 49 INA-VIE

Nov.20 Match 48 CHN-IRI

Nov.20 Match 47 THA-KSA

Nov.20 Match 46 KOR-JPN

Nov.20 Match 45 IND-QAT

Nov.20 Match 44 KAZ-KUT

Nov.20 Match 43 VIE-MYA

Nov.20 Match 42 PAK-INA

Nov.20 Match 41 TPE-TKM 

Nov.19 Match 40 CHN-KSA

Nov.19 Match 39 IRI-THA

Nov.19 Match 38 JPN-IND

Nov.19 Match 37 KOR-QAT

Nov.19 Match 36 KUT-VIE

Nov.19 Match 35 KAZ-MYA

Nov.19 Match 34 INA-TPE

Nov.19 Match 33 PAK-TKM

Nov.18 Rest Day

Collated results and ranking as Nov.17

Nov.17 Match 32 HKG-JPN

Nov.17 Match 31 QAT-MYA

Nov.17 Match 30 TKM-KSA

Nov.17 Match 29 MGL-INA

Nov.17 Match 28 CHN-THA

Nov.17 Match 27 KAZ-KOR 

Collated results and ranking as Nov.16

Nov.16 Match 26 KSA-MGL

Nov.16 Match 25 INA-IRI

Nov.16 Match 24 JPN-QAT

Nov.16 Match 23 MYA-KUT

Nov.16 Match 22 IND-VIE

Nov.16 Match 21 TPE-PAK


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